Scientific Research

The Fish for your HealthTM advice for pregnant or nursing individuals, those who may become pregnant, and children ages two to six years old is based on science.

Purdue research efforts, led by former professor of food toxicology and researcher Charles Santerre, Ph.D., was directed at developing proper seafood consumption advice for sensitive populations (i.e., those who are pregnant or nursing, people that will become pregnant, and young children) in order to protect the health of the baby. Since seafood can contain harmful pollutants and important nutrients, it is important that parents make informed decisions in order to protect their offspring. The breadth of studies conducted in Dr. Santerre’s lab was wide ranging and made possible through the hard work of dedicated students and staff. The research team investigated: methods to predict polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in fish from rivers; the concentrations of pollutants in farm-raised, wild fish and dietary supplements; the concentrations of healthy fats in canned fish and in fish sandwiches; the effects of cooking on pollutants; rapid methods for measuring mercury and PCBs in fish; the influence of food components on the bioavailability of mercury; the transfer of dietary PCBs into maternal milk; and the effects of diet on the elimination of mercury and the status of fatty acids in childbearing-aged women. These studies have built upon the hard work of past researchers and will hopefully be step stones for future research.

Here are a few of the research studies that support the Fish for your HealthTM advice:

Incorporating New Discoveries

As new research questions are explored and findings are published, Fish for your HealthTM advice, found by accessing the Find the Best Fish for You feature of this website and the printable card, will be updated. Our goal is to incorporate new scientific findings and revise the Fish for your HealthTM advice as needed, so that it continues to be a trusted resource for many years to come.

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